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TAFE NSW is Australia’s leading provider of vocational education and training. Each year, more than 430,000 students enrol but many don’t choose the course that’s right for them. We designed a guided journey from course exploration to enrolment, supporting students to choose the right course for them, the first time.


I led the technical design and development of the new TAFE NSW website. I initially worked as part of a small Future Friendly product team which branched out over time to include designers, developers and product managers from TAFE NSW.

The project took around 12 months to complete and over the last 2 years the website has been incrementally updated with what we designed and built. Some positive statistics include a 35% increase in number of pages viewed in a session and a 20% increase in the amount of time users spend browsing, but most importantly, we've heard anecdotally that students are having a much easier time browsing and enrolling in courses.

On a personal level, this was the biggest project I'd worked on to this point by far and I'm glad to see the work we did making a difference for students and TAFE NSW staff.


  • Completely redesigning the core data structures and information hierarchy for TAFE education products.
  • The Study Seeker tool which recommends course areas based on answers to a series of questions.
  • The Fee Calculator tool which calculates the fees for a course based on custom logic and TAFE NSW APIs.
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